Dental Office Dr. Daniela Ene

Dental Office Dr. Daniela Ene

Dental Office Dr. Daniela Ene


We represent one of the first opened private practice in Romania and Prof.Dr Lucian Ene is our mentor and founder.

Our goal is to provide high class medical services and to give you the opportunity to choose the best individualized treatment options.

No stress, as we try by all means to make your visit pleasant and relaxing.

Our Reccomendations:

  • Regular check-ups (every 6 months);
  • Periodontal scaling (every 6 months);
  • Correct brushing method. The purpose of brushing is to remove bacterial plaque. It is a myth that brushing makes teeth whiter; in fact too much brushing removes enamel and results in thinner and more yellow teeth;
  • Preventing tooth decay and gum problems is the first approach that should be considered.